Building Management System (BMS) and Instrumentation & Control (I&C) are the most important installations in present Automation. The first one is a core of the modern buildings and facilities where is responsible for the monitoring and control of all minor installations and devices. The second one is managed of all process in industrial installations which are used in present industry. Those two types of Automation are the basis of our company’s activity.

Power Engineering

For today the warranty of uninterrupted power supply is one of the most important challenges that we all standing. High voltage especially that in higher ranges is require the most advanced technologies to achieve that. Hospitals, factories, industrial plants, telecommunication, data centers etc. are only few of many types of facilities that needs those warranty, and we are the company which that warranty’s offering.

Energy Efficiency

Due the changes taking place in the area of production electric energy, we need to face with ever higher requirements in terms of the development of new transmission technologies and maintaining its quality at the highest level. Aware those facts our Company implements Energy Management Systems (EMS), which helps to take care of whole electric infrastructure in every type of economy sector – from Public Administration, Medical Health Care, Military to Industry, Financial, Services or even Agriculture.


In present times we’re facing with digitalization process of every part our lives. I n that case whole data we’ve being collected on paper till now is transferred to the servers. Those servers mostly are located in Data Centers, where important thing is to manage environment parameters in that way, to keep those servers with our data in proper conditions. So, our Company through implementing the advanced technologies helps You to keep Your data safely.

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