Fire systems

Fire Alarm Systems that save lives ensure fire safety and help protect property. These systems are redundant, modular and scalable. They also work directly with systems such as security systems, gas detection, and smoke extraction. Apart from the undeniable benefits in terms of ensuring the safety of people, they also have a positive impact on aspects related to the maintenance of the building.

Security systems (CCTV, KD, SSWiN)

Security systems, i.e. Video surveillance (CCTV), Access Control (KD), and the Intrusion and Assault Signaling System (SSWiN) supervise the facility and in many situations even prevent the occurrence of unfavorable situations for the owner or user. The SSWiN together with the KD mainly protects the facility against unauthorized intrusion or unauthorized movement on it. Video surveillance helps in direct surveillance and is a video archive for intentional events or accidents. CCTV also has the ability to perform analytical functions, such as counting people, monitoring the temperature of the body / material / device, detecting intrusion into the surveillance zone or its exceeding.

ICT systems (structure cabling, logical networks, dect and wifi networks, etc.)

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine the lack of direct or remote communication. ICT networks perform such communication in a wired manner (structured cabling) using copper and / or fiber optic cables and in a wireless manner (DECT / WIFI networks). This communication enables not only the basic need for connection between users, but also communication between different systems, i.e. their integration.

Data Center Systems

The possibilities of this system are far from what is performed by an ordinary server room - the detailed scope and solutions are described in the Data Center tab. However, an object of this nature also requires teletechnical solutions to function properly. Such facilities include, for example, DECT systems, SUG solutions (Fixed fire extinguishing devices), smoke extraction, SSP, CCTV, KD and others.

Audio - Video systems

User comfort and utilizing all their perceptual capabilities are fulfilled by the Audio-Video (AV) system's possibilities. AV installation brings comfort and prestige to the facility, associated with interacting with vision and sound from various angles. These systems have different faces – such as the sound system of a shopping mall or the audio-visual solutions of a conference room. Therefore, AV installation is what allows us to comfortably engage with the digital or analog materials of the present world.

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